After school, Olli trained with advertising and fashion photographers, became a graphic designer in advertising, go on as a creative director and became a commercial film director. Not so unsuccessful. He was able to claim some awards. (Red Dot Award, Golden Drum Award, ITWA Award and nominations at the New York Festival, or Cannes Lions. Olli worked as a Lecturer and consultant. 2008 Multiple Sclerosis. The world of advertising turned its back on Olli. It took a few years for Olli to find a new self-image and a new vision for himself. „What matters are the images that stick in your head, not how they came about.“ „Decisively are the pictures that remain, not how they were created.“ The MS allowed Olli and his limitations, certainly also the associated social and financial limitations, to find new ways of expressing them- selves visually. Some of his photographs are created in the style of street photography, some conventionally and still others processed digitally.
Olli Boehm‘s painterly pictures, photographs, painted, overpainted, digital, analogue and combined capture moods, create them and inspire them to continue to give thanks. This results in true stories, fictitious. Olli Boehm lives and works in his studio in a small town after having lived and worked in the metropolises of this world for many years. He uses the camera like a sketch pad, like a camera and like a canvas. His studio is mainly Europe and the world. His motives are mainly moods.
Writing has been added to Olli's visual work. Almost a logical consequence, as telling stories is his passion.
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