PINGUIN, ARAB and MARIA sculpture. 1978

Out of old chuing gum, whatch cursor, spring and stone

Olli Wolf Boehm builded little sculptures

as his artist work start

13 POEMS sculpture. 1985

Thirdteen unrelesed poems from Olli Wolf Boehm he put one day in a wooden box with red velvet. closed it and read them just one time in his

first vernissage.

FREEDOM copper relief.model 1985

As the first model for a relief Olli build this out of copper. Later he made a bigger version again which was placed in the Rudolf Steiner School in Frankfurt/M.

TEARS Art brand. 2009

Because of the fact that tears don‘t have a good image Olli designed a bottle, a small guerilla campaign and the web-site:

The relaunch of it starts in 2013.

CUBE sound sculpture. 1993

Together with the art group Pentagon Olli created a small series of sound racks for the brand NAD. It was made out of allminium and exposed in different cities in germany.

WORDS+PICTURES book-project. 1991

Together with the art photographer Ulrich Kollenberg Olli made this

photo book with unbriefed photographs and lyrical texts. Published

by ILO art books.

EVERYDAY LIFE book-project. 1991

Olli Wolf Boehm create cartoons since 1981.

A selection of them was published by ILO.

Some of them and his recent work you can find


THE SNAP-ISSUE book-project. 2009

Between 2004 and 2009 a  collection of snap shots came togeather, out of the Lomo cam and mobile cam. This collection was issued in this book.

CARAMORE short-film project. 2002

Out of Olli Wolf Boehms poem Caramore he made a short film as the director together with his friend and DoP Volker May and the actress Uta Nawrath.

Rüdiger Chmielus worked on the editing and Michael Kadelbach composed the music.

UNE FEMME book-project. 2009 unpublished.

In his own style and in the style of the sixties this lyrical book project is created. To get a breview please xontact:

101 REASONS TO LIVE NOT IN GERMANY book-project. 1999

This satirical book was published in 1999 by RAKE Verlag and shows germany from a very personal pov.


übermalte Fotografien

... is one of the Recent overpainted photographs from Olli Boehm.

A lot more you‘ll find in the ”Werk-Katalog“,

which is available in the Book-stores with the ISBN-Nr.: ISBN: 9783741290770,

as an e-book and via order here:



Olli wrote and direct this film out of a siscussion whith a friend based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen. The film was aired frequently at X-mas time.