TOY oil on canvas. 1989;100x100cm

PEOPLE IN FRONT OF A TUBE drawing on paper. 1984; 80x60cm

ROSE drawing on paper. 1983; 40x60cm

Honey&Milk watercolor. 2012; 60x40cm

Head2015 mix. 2015; 38x32cm

MOBILECITY oil on paper. 1985; 60x80cm


oil on paper. 2012; 40x60cm

UNDERGREY watercolor. 2012; 80x40cm

GREYHORIZON watercolor. 2012; 80x40cm

TWO GREY watercolor. 2012; 80x40cm

Hi! oil on wood. 2015; 60x80cm

NORTH-SPRING. 2015; 60x80cm

NORTHERN ELEMENTS. 2015; 60x80cm

”Human in communication“ Color-mix on billboard,. 1984; ø140 cm


art-award work

SIDEWAYS oil on paper. 1989; 80x40cm

”Bei drei ist einer zuviel“ oil on canvas,

1985; 60x80cm

”Mr. Rich“ oil on wood,

1989; 60x80cm

”Mr. Poor“ oil on wood,

1989; 60x80cm


From time to time, specially when he start to try a new, a differend way to make his feelings and thoughts visible Olli go in abstract directions. Sometimes to be sure that his style is the right style from his p.o.v., Sometimes to work on abstract paintings Olli change or give his own style. For him it is like a journey and when he comes ”home“ his work is influensed by the different impressions.

That could be the reason why Olli didn‘t start an abstract series.

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